The underground distribution "RET UVR", "RET UVR Plus" and "RET-SVR" - are modern solutions for safe, efficient and vandal-proof energy distribution in cities and towns.


Increasingly, local authorities and communities, especially in urban centers with the conservative street distributor, which destroy the harmonious city scape with affixed billboards and graffiti, unhappy. Broken distributor provide a high danger for the people and children, and take a long time to be replaced. Such failures are quite expensive for each city.

Our underfloor distribution are an alternative to traditional street distribution, which have by their invisible accommodating a high safety standard, provide excellent protection against vandalism and beautify city scape.


Our innovative climate management system can be integrated with all of these systems.

The patented climate system keeps the underground electrical operating room for a long time the effects of moisture and humidity in the ground state is prepared for the entry of surface water and allows use of various electrical and electronic components and equipment for traffic control, street lighting, and much more.


The underfloor distributor with integrated climate management system are protected from flood or water pressure! These systems allow the entire power grids protect the high water.


Our underfloor distributors are reliable and viable alternative to the street distributor.