The retractable underfloor supply systems RET-EL are modern factory-assembled complete units with waterproof or water resistant concrete shaft. The trafficable media and distribution columns are installed flush with the floor in separate shafts below the road or of the hall floor.

Senk elektranten

The necessary cable, water, air, hydraulic and sewage pipes are obtained locally and waterproof connected to the shaft wall. The supply cabin, which is equipped with all necessary connections appear by a vertical movement of the shaft on the surface and is immediately ready for use.

Senkelektranten RET-EL


Our RET EL concept Climate Plus is patented and based on an objective safety standard, which has been determined by long-standing problem and risk analysis. Our patented system RET-EL with climate control or microclimate control system keeps the underground electrical operating room for a long time to the influence of moisture and humidity in the ground, is armed against the entry of sewage and pressured water, thus allowing use of different electrical and electronic components sunk into the ground.


Compared with competitors our RET EL retractable supply posts have the following advantages


Schacht Wasser

Schacht Warm

Schacht Moisture

➩ water resistant or waterproof closable shaft hole
➩ protection against water day, if necessary high water
➩ moisture control
➩ no condensation
➩ evtl. lower installation depth
➩ protect the lifting mechanism when driving
➩ evtl. electric drive
➩ frost proof drain pipe
➩ service friendly

The most important safety aspects the retractable supply systems compared with underfloor supply systems are:

accident-free use, no open shaft hole from the connectors
higher safety standard for accident avoidance for inattentive passersby
better protect underground electrical operating room from rain and snow

To meet our clients, we offer them systems in different designs and price ranges.